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We can tailor our performance to any requirements.

You could hire the lovable Dancing Grannies for any special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, shop openings, carnivals, festivals (we’ve even been asked to do a funeral) you name it, the Grannies have done it!Dancing Grannies at Specsavers

We offer character lead comedy sketches which can be part of an event or you could book a full comedy sketch show.

We also offer full length shows such as non traditional pantos, Murder Mystery nights as well as walkabout and street theatre characters.

And if that isn’t enough, we still provide Theatre in Heath and Education pieces for schools and professionals.

C’mon… what you waiting for?!

Dancing Grannies at Specsavers Wolverhapton

Store Relaunch

On the day of the grannies attending we probably had the highest volume of people through our doors. The crowd they attracted in was immense that we actually reached record sales for that day. (Read the full testimonial)

Hardip Bahia

Specsavers, Wolverhampton

Full 2-hour Comedy Sketch Shows

If you love a variety of entertainment a Fizzog show is just what you need. A 2-hour all singing and dancing Black Country comedy sketch show packed with a range of Fizzogs best loved characters from , The Kids, FABA, Mags & Barb, Wayne Kerr and of course the international Dancing Grannies, will leave you wanting more.

The increased popularity of Fizzog and their characters resulted in a 2015 sell out tour of their show – ‘Fifty Shades of Fizzog’

The Fabulous Dancing Grannies

These popular characters have reached all corners of the globe with their energetic dance routines and are available for hire to entertain you and your guests at an event of your choice. If you have a wedding, birthday, festival, carnival or even an awards ceremony that needs a little bit something different, then the Dancing Grannies are for you.

They offer a range of dance routines for you to choose from burlesque, river dance, african, bhangra to name but a few, if you wanted a little extra the grannies are happy to stay and mingle with your guests.

Murder Mystery Nights

Murder Mystery like you’ve never witnessed before. The year is 1910 and the Froggatts and the Cotterills characters are the suspects in a murder enquiry.

The deceased can not rest until the culprit has been brought to trial. The twists and turns encompassed with a highly visual slightly humorous interactive storyline will ensure a fabulous night of entertainment. Come along and be a part of the detective team and help solve the crime, oh and you get fed too.

Black Country Victorian Panto

A Fizzog Panto is something not to be missed. It’s 1910 and the feuding Froggatts & Cotterills Families will endeavour to entertain you with their ‘not so traditional’ Panto. They will travel far and wide for their audiences to witness their talents.

These formidable characters will leave you roaring with laughter as they try to perform some well known fairy tales such as ‘Kippin Beauty’ and a variety of tales in ‘A Black Country Fairy Tale… Ay It’ but as usual things never go according to plan… or do they?

Corporate Conferences and TIE/TIH

Fizzog have 15 years experience of providing outstanding quality issue based theatre in schools, health authorities and business conferences. An interactive and thought provoking play is the perfect way to engage and highlight issues effectively. This will then be followed by interactive forum theatre workshops to explore the issues in greater detail. Our aim is to foremost entertain whilst allowing you to explore issues in a powerful, engaging drama piece.

We can tailor our package to your needs

The range of topics that Fizzog have been commissioned for include…

  • Anti Bullying Awareness
  • Home Front
  • Internet Safety
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fairer Britain
  • Tenants Association
  • Community Cohesion

(To name but a few)

List of Clients…

  • Sandwell Mental Health
  • Local LEA’s
  • Dudley Council
  • Wolverhampton Council
  • BCTG
  • Tenants Association
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • John Lewis
  • Murray’s the Chemist
  • Black Country Museum
  • Avoncroft Museum

18 Gandy St, Exeter
EX4 3LS. Devon

t: 01392 454160

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