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The Mayor’s Civic Awards 2016

After receiving an invite for the Mayor’s Civic Awards, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to dress up and get drunk. Then we realised we’d been nominated and thought “we’re gonna need a posher frock!” We were overwhelmed to find... read more

Here, There and Everywhere

We’ve been on the regions brand new T.V. station Big Centre T.V. on Monica Prices’s show ‘Cuppa TV’. We also gatecrashed Steve Bulls 50th birthday bash, been out for food with Lynn & Dave, performed at an 80th & 90th birthday party as... read more

Who Killed Little Willie?

Hi Folks, Hope everyone is fine and dandy. We are so busy with all the events coming up in the next few months so it’s all good on the Fizzog front. We are taking our Murder Mystery Event to The Black Country Living Museum for one night only. If you’ve... read more

Morecambe Carnival 2015

So “The Dancing Grannies” took a trip to Morecambe Carnival and these are just a few photo’s of what they got up to throughout the day.... read more

The Truth is Out There!

Just thought we’d keep you up to speed with what’s been going on in Fizzog world. The Truth We have been very busy filming an exciting new feature film called ‘The Truth’ with our good friend Matt Hickinbottom and the crazy Tony Clarke (the Writer and Director),... read more