Our Sponsors

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors. Their time, dedication and financial support is very much appreciated, us Fizzogs are eternally grateful.

Our sponsors and our Fizzog family so far have helped to fund our visits to the Edinburgh Festival, our fantastic website, all our photos and designs, our amazing press coverage, the making of our filmed projects, volunteering at shows… the list goes on.

Without these fabulous people relieving the pressure from the Fizzog brain, we would continue to run around like headless chickens even more.

There are many, many more supporters in kind that tirelessly help at many events etc. The Fizzog Family is growing year by year.

If you would like to sponsor Fizzog for an event or a tour please contact us for details.

Alberto Urra Design

Alberto Urra Design

Tel: 07808034824 / Email: design.urra@gmail.com 

Fizzog Productions

We're your one-stop act for any event.Whether you're throwing a party, getting married, or celebrating an anniversary, we've got you covered. Our goal is to make sure that your guests have an amazing time with this unique experience.


Call or text us on 07757 424618
Email: info@thefizzogs.com