After receiving an invite for the Mayor’s Civic Awards, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to dress up and get drunk. Then we realised we’d been nominated and thought “we’re gonna need a posher frock!”

We were overwhelmed to find out there had been 95 organisations in the running and we were in the top three. So after getting to the posh event and having our complimentary glass of bubbly, we sat down at the table which contained more cutlery than you’ve got in your drawers at home.

It was announced which category was up first, which just so happened to be ours, The Cedric Hardwicke award for arts.

The nominees were introduced and then… “And the winner is – The Fizz-Gogs” to which the room erupted in to laughter. Everyone was subjected to a short video of us Fizzogs on the radio (not looking quite so glamorous). We were then called on to the stage, we claimed our award, had pictures taken, smothered The Mayor in kisses, job done! We were slightly disappointed about not being able to make an Oscar style speech but hey, you can’t have it all 😉

After winning the reality started to set in. We were AWARD WINNERS! Our 15 years of hard work had paid off, it was very emotional. Everyone was saying well done and it was so lovely to have so much recognition from other organisations and members of the community.We’re so very grateful to have received the award from the wonderful Steve & Jayne – The Mayor & Mayoress of Dudley and would like to say a special thank you to Councillor Dave Tyler for nominating us.

To top it off, Sue won a bottle of champagne on the Bingo, the food was amazing, we spent a lot of time in the photo booth and had a great night with excellent people. Oh, and it’s probably a good job we didn’t get to do the Oscar style speech… We’d have still been there now!