Welcome to the world of The Fizzogs, it centers on the Black Country, it’s our home and we’re proud of this unique part of the country from where we find our inspiration.

Fizzog Productions was formed in 2000 by Sue Hawkins, Jacky Fellows and Deb Nicholls and ever since we have poured our energies into bringing some joy, laughter and drama into the lives of our growing list of fans.

Our forte is comedy, it’s something we’re very good at, and if you don’t believe us just check out the audience comments… or better still, come and see us. We have even produced our own comedy drama DVD called Black By Day which captures the humour and pathos of days gone by… Even the BBC liked it and said that if they’d had the money you would have seen it on the telly box.

We are a professional outfit despite the fact that we like a laugh so rest assured you potential future fans of Fizzog, event managers and comedy organisers, we will make your occasion one to remember.

Thanks for visiting, step inside and discover what the Fizzogs are all about, you’ll be hooked

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Kippin Poster

Funny As Folk 2015

The Grand poster -flyer

Fizzog are going to Edinburgh but need your HELP!

Edingburgh Fringe Mini

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you have helped us to book a venue and accomodation. The campaign to HELP US EAT while we’re performing our little hearts out is still ongoing. Therefore we are launching a Crowdfunding Campaign via  INDIEGOGO to help. So please click on the link and see if there’s anything you would like in return for your donation.

Thank You 🙂