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Internet Safety Awareness

The Incredible Tale of Poncho Joe

The story of Poncho Joe is loosely based on the recognisable tale of Pinocchio. It takes as its central character a highly naive and trusting puppet boy whose curiosity about the world leads him into all manner of potentially dangerous scenarios.

During his adventures he manages to upset other children through inappropriate ‘hugging’, ‘lose’ his mobile phone to a skilled confidence trickster and find himself agreeing to meet up with a total stranger from an internet chat site. Developed from material gathered at forum groups at special schools, this show has been found to have a wide reach. It has toured extensively in mainstream primary schools, as well as many special schools.

Internet Safety & Education

The colourful and comic performance is 30 minutes in duration. This is followed by a facilitator-led forum workshop where certain scenes are replayed and the children themselves are invited to ‘freeze’ moments where they spot vital mistakes being made by Poncho Joe. They then advise Poncho Joe on how to keep himself safe.

The duration of Poncho Joe Performance and workshop is approximately one hour.
The package is suitable for: An extended school assembly | Lower level Key Stage 2 | PSHE development | Parental awareness raising


Sexual Health Awareness for young people

Sexual Health Awareness for Young People

The 30 minute performance follows the lives of two friends Cassie and Simon. After a typical teenage night out Cassie finds herself in trouble and asks for best friend Simon’s advice. The story then takes you through the events that follow and the difficult decisions the young people have to make. This thought provoking and informative piece is entertaining as well as educational. The mere mention of ‘blue waffle’ is enough to have any teenage audience in hysterics. The highly engaging performance is then followed by an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the two young people portrayed in the piece, which often ends in a frank and open discussion.

We generally have the school nurse involved in the workshop also, to provide the young people with details of where to go and how to deal with an emergency when it comes to the issues of their own sexual health. This performance engages closely with audiences ranging from secondary school PSHE days to professionals working with young people. It is suitable for Year 8 audiences and above.

Mental Health Awareness project

Violins at Dawn

‘Violins at Dawn’ is an effective and powerful piece of theatre which combines humour and pathos to explore and raise awareness around the issues of professional practice within the mental health service.

It begins with a poignant, thought provoking 30 minute drama performance – based on actual experiences. The story delivers its message through the use of comedic characters:

  • A rude receptionist who talks about patients problems in front of everyone.
  • A consultant who has no communication skills or feelings of empathy for her depressed patient.
  • Horrible nurses who talk openly about their diets in front of an anorexic patient.
  • And – the saving grace – a cleaner, who simply treats people with respect.
Mental Health Awareness
The workshop that follows can be 15-30 minutes, depending on the audience size. Here, the audience, through an empowering technique called Forum Theatre, get the chance to confront characters about their behaviour. The characters will comically try to defend themselves before asking the audience for suggestions as to how they could rectify the problems. Scenes are then replayed with improved outcomes thanks to the audience’s active involvement and opinions about health care of a high standard. The performance is aimed at induction days, GPs and other medical practitioners, medical training staff, medical conference delegates or University Medical students and can be adapted to work in any non-theatre space.
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