Fizzog Video Library

A collection of some of our videos.
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When The Public Join In – Hilarious!

Peter Andre And The Dancing Grannies

The Naked Cowboy And The Dancing Grannies

Sidemen And The Dancing Grannies Talent Show

Q&A With The Dancing Grannies (Part 1)

Q&A With The Dancing Grannies (Part 2)

Fizzog Presents ‘A Black Country Fairytale… Ay It’

Grannies On Film

The Dancing Grannies Diet Coke Advert (Parody)

Comedy Character Showreel

In this Showreel you will find some of our best loved characters – The Ode Folk, Mags & Barb, Wayne Kerr and The Kids. After doing numerous live shows with these characters we thought it was time we brought them to the big – or little as the case may be – screen. Filmed and edited by Leigh Maddox Directed by Fizzog and Ross Berkeley. Music by Chris Groucutt.

Hope you like it folks

The Fizzog Showreel

This Showreel is a culmination of a lot of our work from the last few years. Filmed and edited by the super talented Matt Hickinbottom of Post Office Studios it shows us Fizzogs in all sorts of acting roles, from our live shows to more serious roles.

Hope you enjoy it!

The Walking Jed

What would four elderly ladies do if they were to find themselves in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse… absolutely nothing! They would carry on with their daily routine just like anybody else would, wouldn’t they? See for yourself.

We made this video to raise money for Comic Relief with the help of some great people. Venomous Little Man Productions filmed and co wrote it with us . Carl Braid edited it for us. We had the guys from Silent Studios do majority of the zombie make up and it wouldn’t be the same without Ian Winter’s news reporter (who you may have seen on BBC Midlands Today). Thanks to everyone involved – especially Emma, James, Gill, Esther, Woody & Dave – and we’re happy to say we raised just over £400 for a really great charity.

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