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Specsavers LogoWolverhampton Store Relaunch

On the day of the grannies attending we probably had the highest volume of people through our doors. The crowd they attracted in was immense that we actually reached record sales for that day.

Staff and the public enjoyed the performances and interaction the grannies had. The store was full of fun, but yet remained professional. The staff were working extra hard that day as the volume of people was just massive, and as a result patients were waiting longer than usual. Having the grannies helped people forget how tired they were (the staff) and how long they had been waiting. At the same time the grannies were commercially aware promoting specsavers in a comical manner.

Dancing Grannies at Specsavers Wolverhapton

I had seen the grannies on social media, and was able to book them for the relaunch of our store as we had nearly doubled in testing capacity and introduced hearing into our new store. The launch day was a huge success hitting record sales. The grannies were superb, they interacted with staff, patients and the general public raising awareness of our store in a professional manner but keeping everyone entertained and consistently laughing. Their dance performances were enjoyed by all, capturing all age ranges. They continued to capture all areas of the business whilst in store, talking to patients and staff in a comical manner but at the same time getting the message of Specsavers across.

Days on from the launch day I had other neighbouring businesses telling me also how they had an increase in sales, I had members of head office talking on how it was one of the best launches they had seen. The video of the grannies dancing outside our store went viral to the point within a few days we had hit over a quarter of a million views on Facebook. The grannies were so helpful and entertaining, that I can’t thank them enough and look forward to working with them again.

Hardip Bahia

Specsavers, Wolverhampton

Cheers Fizzog… and Barbara! We had a great evening… you’re all very talented… and we laughed out loud. But nothing could beat the thrill of winning a tin of mushy paze and a bottle of Dettol in the raffle. “Shake ‘em up, Barbara, shake ‘em up good!”Already looking forward to your next tour which I’m sure will be at least 75% funnier than the current 50 % funnier tour.

Ian Winter (BBC Midlands Today)

Regarding the activity at Specsavers yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic. The Dancing Grannies pulled in a huge crowd! They were brilliant and the nicest ladies. They made a real impact outside the store and made the team and customers so happy. We also had a ton of sight test booked from the leaflets that our team gave out along with goody bags.

What a huge success!!

Lisa Vidler

Specsavers Opiticians, Queen Street Cardiff

Who Killed Willie Blewitt

Organised by the Jewellery Quarter BID

The talented, quick witted and highly entertaining cast of Fizzog’s murder mystery night had the audience laughing, debating and interacting naturally with total strangers; everyone enjoying being part of the event, not just watching it. The impromptu improvisation of the actors during dinner had the audience flocking to the action to catch anything that would help them solve the crime, while the twists and turns kept people changing their minds. Very few of the audience actually committed the right suspect in the end which proved how well written the plot is; it also added to the fun. Would recommend.

Comments made by event attendees:

  • Very entertaining
  • Great fun!
  • Wonderful evening in a fantastic venue
  • Murder mystery and networking at its finest!
  • Fabulous evening – but then again we knew how good they are already
  • Brilliant – a really good way to meet people
  • Loved it! Would defs come to one again!
  • Don’t put me on a jury! Loved the murder mystery and meeting other JQ folk!
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • Excellent idea. Had a great time. Thanks
  • Great evening! Great venue! Great acting!
  • Great evening. Fun times.
  • Amazing night, definitely should not be a detective!
  • Amazing production. Thanks for a good night
  • Fantastic show, brilliant evening. Thank you.
  • Great event!
  • Thank you. What a fun evening.
  • Loved it! Well done.
  • Fantastic evening. Thank you.
  • Amazing event. Great venue! Loved it.
  • Thank you for a great night – such fun and great to meet new people.
  • Great event! Good troupe! Good food!
  • Very good
  • Brilliant
  • Love building
  • More businesses in the JQ should be included
Suzanne Carter

Event organiser, Jewellery Quarter BID

Pure laughs from start to finish, this fantastic foursome deserve a full house each and every night.

Read the full review here

Broadway Baby

Make sure you have a wee before you go in because you may wet yourself laughing otherwise!

Tears of laughter flowed freely. Superb characters of Fabba in the first sketch with hilarious lyrics. Speaking as a primary school teacher, the school kids were instantly recognisable, especially the quite brilliant special lad and of course the dancing grannies!

Just go and see it for beautiful observational characterisation and clever script writing.

Best laugh in the fringe


I’ve seen the Fizzogs three times and they are always funny but this show is even better. I couldn’t tell you my favourite sketch – I love them all.

Susan Constable (Wolverhampton)

I can honestly say that the 50 per cent funnier tour is like nothing else we have ever had at the theatre. Everyone loved it.

Avril France (Committee member at the Theatre on The Steps)

I saw them at the Black Country Museum doing their panto and thought they were good so I was pleased to hear they were coming to Wolverhampton. I really enjoyed it – especially the school kids sketch. I’ll be coming back.

June Broadhurst (Wolverhampton)

They did an impromptu dance in Stourbridge and we saw that and thought it was great. I love the Black Country humour and can relate to it. I hadn’t seen them before but I will definitely be coming back.

Chris Bishop (Oldbury)

We were only intending to pop in for 20 minutes but there was no way we were leaving early. The show was brilliant. We would certainly love to have The Fizzogs back any time.

James Little (Chairman of the Bridgnorth Theatre On the Steps)

We saw the Fizzogs in their Christmas panto at the Black Country Living Museum and we loved them, which is why we came to the show. It was brilliant. I’m from Bulgaria and got it completely. Very funny.

Maria Ollis (Tipton)

We all saw Barbara Nice at the Glee Club in Birmingham and thought she was hilarious. So we googled her and got a link to the Fizzog 50 per cent funnier tour. We’d never heard of them and didn’t know what to expect but we have all just spent the interval tweeting furiously about the show because we loved it so much. It’s really funny. And Jo was thrilled to win the dettol in the raffle.

Dan Morrissey (BRMB and friends)

I saw a leaflet about the show in the gym with the list of dates and we thought we’d come along. I’d seen them before when I was working in Sandwell.

Linda Wood (Stourbridge)

I’ve seen them before so I can definitely say it was 50 per cent better, 50 per cent funnier. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t think I stopped laughing.

Mac Elwell (Perton)

I’ve seen all the Fizzogs shows and this is the best one, yet. I’d recommend them to anyone. I brought some friends who had never seen the Fizzogs before and they all loved the show too. 50 per cent funner, definitely.

Phil Vaughan (Kinver)

It was very good. I found it very topical. It’s the first time I’ve seen The Fizzogs and I will definitely come again and I’d recommend them to anybody.

Ian Lowe (Dudley)

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