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You are going to be spoilt for choice!! 

The Dancing Grannies are always up for a good time.

That’s why they’re available for hire for all your special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, shop opening, carnival, festival, or even a funeral (hey, they’ve done it all), the Grannies have got your back.

They’re also street performers who can bring their unique brand of humour to your audiences’ attention at any event. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen!

As they love a good quiz or bingo night, they thought it would be fun to create their own so you can either come along to an event of theirs or if you can’t make it you can book them for your own event or social night.

And don’t forget: the Dancing Grannies have also created their very own murder mystery nights as they pride themselves as better than Miss Marple. You can book their unique ‘Who Dun It?’ from September 2023.

 And if that’s not enough for you. 

The Froggatts & Cotterills will solve the case of “Who Killed Little Willie?” in 1910 when the world was a different place… or was it? (Available to book NOW!)

Watch the video here. 

Dancing Grannies at Specsavers Wolverhapton

Store Relaunch

On the day of the grannies attending we probably had the highest volume of people through our doors. The crowd they attracted in was immense that we actually reached record sales for that day. (Read the full testimonial)

Hardip Bahia

Specsavers, Wolverhampton

The Dancing Grannies

These Grannies are like no other. You don’t just get grannies who dance. You get an immersive experience with these characters. Each booking is a unique, exclusive experience that will wow your audience, creating an event they will be talking about for weeks, months, and even years later.

The Dancing Grannies have entertained audiences from all over the world and always have an amazing reaction. You can see some feedback from previous clients here

They work with the element of surprise, bringing a totally unexpected element to your event. Imagine your audience’s shock when these three old ladies launch into their Bhangra, Beyonce, Breakdance, or Riverdance routine.

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Murder Mystery Nights

Currently recruiting detectives

Are you looking for an alternative night out? Let us set the scene… the year is 1910 and the Froggatts and Cotterills are the suspects in Who Killed Little Willie? Watch as the clues unfold in this hilarious and unique Murder Mystery and see if you can be the one to catch the killer.

If you’re a venue thinking of booking us, just remember that you get to set the ticket price and plan the food you’re providing your hungry detectives, so they can solve the mystery of who done it.

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Froggatts & Cotterills

We all know those families. The ones you wouldn’t want living next door to you. Loud, brash, and ballsy, but will protect their own until their final breath. They take no prisoners and they’re not afraid to tell you what they think – very loudly.

That’s the Froggatts & Cotterills.

Ideal for walkabouts, the Froggatts & Cotterills is set in 1910. We make sure they take the audience back in time, but our spontaneous improvisations hit all the right buttons in terms of modern-day issues, delivered with our unique injection of comedy.

When the Froggatts & Cotterills aren’t doing walkabouts at museums, heritage sites or events. They also like to go on tour with their highly successful, absolutely hilarious comedy parodies of shows such as Frozen, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, and The Greatest Showman and many more.

Nothing ever goes to plan where the Froggatts & Cotterills are concerned, not matter how hard they try. They put on a comedy show like you’ve never seen before. The scripts are phenomenal, the costume & set worthy of a West End Show, spectacular special effects, sensual, erotic and (kind of), Oscar winning performances… well that’s what they say about it anyway.

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