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Want to wake up with The Fizzogs?

Come and join us live on the radio. Every Friday morning from 7-10am The Unrehearsed, Unprepared and Unpredictable Show.

Want to start your day with a laugh? No show is planned, and no two shows are the same. We don’t even work out what we’re talking about until we land at the Mothership aka the studio. I mean, what could go wrong?!?


So, The Dancing Grannies have taken over (kind of). They insist on coming in on a Friday morning and telling “their fans” about what they’ve been up to that week.

Letty has generally fallen in love (again), or been accosting some poor man (again), May is constantly learning something new or looking for her dream job at 86 years old and Hilda has been up to god only knows what – from skydiving to a naked sweat lodge, you name it, she’ll do it! 

They are live from 8am until they get kicked off (ususally by 8:30-8:45am).

Do you want to be a guest? Do you have a special event coming up that you would like to chat about? Contact us on or call on 07757424618

Tune in on Fridays at 7am to Black Country Radio 92.2 & 102.5FM / DAB / ONLINE 


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Fancy Being a Guest?

The Fizzogs have a guest on their show every week and below are some of the lovely people who popped in for a natter..

If you are interested in becoming a guest one of the shows please get in touch.

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