We’ve been on the regions brand new T.V. station Big Centre T.V. on Monica Prices’s show ‘Cuppa TV’. We also¬†gatecrashed Steve Bulls 50th birthday bash, been out for food with Lynn & Dave, performed at an 80th & 90th birthday party as well as a couple of amazing weddings.

Steve Bull Meets the Dancing Grannies

Steve Bull meets the Dancing Grannies

We’ve been to a film premiere that the Fizzogs plus all of our friends and colleagues are involved in called ‘The Truth’ and finally travelled all the way to Morecambe to perform at a huge carnival which went down an absolute storm. We even had time to stop and buy a lovely homeless man and his dog Princess some food and a quilt for the cold nights. So as you can see we are not idle cows haha.

It’s never a dull moment in Fizzog World!

Lots of Love

Sue Deb and Jackie
The Fizzogs