Who Killed Little Willie

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is fine and dandy. We are so busy with all the events coming up in the next few months so it’s all good on the Fizzog front.

We are taking our Murder Mystery Event to The Black Country Living Museum for one night only. If you’ve seen our Black Country Museum characters the Froggatts and the Cotterills before, then rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

Who Killed Little Willie Crop

‘Who Killed Little Willie?’ says it all in the title. The suspects are his adopted family The Froggatts and The Cotterills but which one of them is responsible for the demise of poor Willie Blewitt? Willie is a simple fellow who is loved by all the villagers, yet his untimely death prevents Willie from crossing over. The spirit of Willie is in need of closure but needs the help of the detectives to solve his murder.

  • Do you want to be a detective for the night?
  • Do you want to help him solve his murder?
  • Do you want to see the culprit pay for their crime?
  • Do you want to eat world famous Fish & Chips?

Well if you’ve answered yes to the questions then this event is for you.

Book your place for a full night of entertainment. You will get to explore the Black Country Museum at night. Interview the suspects in located spots around the village. Deliberate over Fish & Chips and finally see the murder scene re-enacted.

Will you get it right? Come along and join in the suspense.

Treat yourself to a good night out