Just thought we’d keep you up to speed with what’s been going on in Fizzog world.

Jackie, Deb and Sue

The Truth

We have been very busy filming an exciting new feature film called ‘The Truth’ with our good friend Matt Hickinbottom and the crazy Tony Clarke (the Writer and Director), we’ve been putting in bids for funding for new projects, organising a new comedy tour, creating newsletters (which you can sign up to if you want?) we’ve done two school tours, had lots of meetings about future work and found a lovely new cafe to do some writing in :) This made us VERY HAPPY!!

Sue Gets Busted

The Truth (Sue playing ‘Judy’ – looking VERY attractive)

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Lots of Love & Laughter

Sue Deb and Jackie
The Fizzogs

p.s. If anybody knows of any amazing cafe’s the the Black Country please let us know and we will happily try it out for you :P Thanking you muchly.

Q – How you you shut a Fizzog up?
A – Giv em some fodder!

Nice Cuppa